Covid19 - Keeping you safe, keeping us safe

Thank you to everyone who has visited us since reopening last month - we have been amazed by your support. Our strict Covid 19 precautions are adhered to daily from cleaning to disinfecting to maintaining social distancing and how our staff serve you. We do ask you to play your part too and take care to do everything you can to ensure we keep Covid at bay. One of the ways is to leave your contact details with us - we may ask you directly for your details or you can fill in a form you should find on your table. BUT, above all, if you feel under the weather with any of the typical symptoms please delay your visit and come again another day when you feel fit and well. We reserve the right to ask you about your wellness on the day, if we are concerned in any way, and we may ask you to come back another time - thank you for your understanding

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